Thursday, 16 December 2010

Giveaway Day

It's not me who is hosting a giveaway, but if you like handcrafting supplies or pretty handmade items (who doesn't?) get yourself over to the Sew, Mama, Sew giveaway day lists.

The giveaways have been running since Monday, but they don't close until tomorrow so you still have time to enter and hopefully win some lovely goodies!

Of course, lovely goodies are not the only benefit of giveaway day. It also gives you the chance to discover some new blogs. Here are some that I have added to my RSS feed so far. Check them out!

I also came across this website and haven't been able to drag myself away. I've since added a lumber conversion chart to my bookmarks and checked prices for lumber and workbenches. I've thought seriously about replacing the dodgy 99p spirit level in the toolkit with something that actually measures straight(!). I've mentally decorated my house with The 5 Shelf, The Easy, Three Cube Bench, The Easiest Rustic Modern Console Ever, The Tryde Side Table and Coffee Table and The Simple Spa Bench! And these are all in the first-time-never-built-anything-before category.

I have a bee in my bonnet. Don't be surprised if you start seeing pictures of drills, jigsaws and sawdust here in the next few months.

Good luck in the giveaways!

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  1. Thanks for the add! I've been drooling over your socks - they look amazing!