Thursday, 9 September 2010

The Trouble With Not Blogging . . .

 . . . is that eventually you have to try and catch up.

Thank you for the responses to my post about my charity shop finds. Some of my 'yarn cakes' have been turned into a Tempest.
This is now finished but for the buttons. Since I have yet to take a proper picture, here is a teaser:

At first I wasn't sure I would ever wear it, because it's a bit on the 'rough and ready' side because of the different yarn textures. With the right outfit it looks punky/emo, though, and the colours are scrummy together.

A totally different look is my crocheted 'Fat Bottomed Bag' from the Happy Hooker. I made this with leftover Patons Sorbet. Very summery and quick to make up!

A probable lapse-of-judgement project is the 'Zip and Zing' hoodie from Simply Knitting magazine 68. There's nothing wrong with the pattern (Susan40james is working on a lovely version using the recommended yarn) and I learned a lot doing it. Maybe the most important lesson is this - if a yarn isn't working with any project because it looks cheap, it probably isn't worth spending the time knitting a adult-sized hoodie with it just because you bought 10 balls of it and you want to turn it into something.

Oh, and I also forgot what size I usually wear and made it too big.

But - pockets! A zip! Picked up stitches! Not wasted, but not really wearable either. Other knitters must have these projects lurking in the back of a wardrobe somewhere, right?

I have some new cute socks for me:

 and some xmas socks currently on the needles.

This is my first time using Rico sock yarn. This is a bit rougher than the Regia I've been using so far - thinner too - but I like it, and I love the way the colour is working up.

That's not all, but it's all for now!