Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Progress piccies

I'm steaming along on Cherie Amour.

There are lots of comments about problems people have had with the top half. I haven't run into any yet, other than my own mistakes. I had to 'unknit' two rows last night to fix places where my lacework had gone out of line.

It's a fun pattern, but it's not TV knitting! I am using Patons Sorbet, a cotton/acrylic blend bargain from Kemps.

Also, I've been working on the Incredible Top down Raglan. This is in my Ravelry notebook as 'First Jumper'.

This is in cheap acrylic DK from Aldi! I had put this aside because I thought it was going to be massively too big, but I just compared it to a jumper that I do wear and it's not that different. The sleeves are on the big side - perhaps I will make them batwing sleeves given my new affection for Ashes to Ashes styling!

I cast on for this without even planning to. I bought the yarn, decided on a pattern, swatched and cast on just to see how it knitted up - and I ended up this far! Then I got cross with myself because I'd been planning on Cherie Amour as my next project so this got shoved to the back of the shelf when I thought I had sizing issues. I'll probably start back on it again now - after all, endless stocking stitch is great TV knitting. :)

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